In addition to our traditional services of accounting, tax compliance, bookkeeping, payroll and vat returns, we have in support an experienced team of professionals at DG Accountants Limited who can independently perform the high level and detail for:

  • Interim / Part-Time Financial Controller to take your Company or Group to the next level and also readying your team for the new IFRS requirements
  • Budgeting and Business Plans
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Performance analysis and appraisal
  • Bank negotiations with all bankers for your finance needs, both locally or in the city.
  • Interim Audit files preparation for your external auditors either by adopting UKGAAP or IFRS.
  • Management Accounts with detailed financial analysis if required
  • Business strategy consultancy
  • Charity reports and Independent examination reports required
  • Community Interest Accounts
  • Tax planning for UK Corporations, Groups, Wealthy Individuals and Trusts
  • Travel agent accounts and specilaised reports to ABTA
  • International Financial reporting consultants for clients who wish to approach international markets and leave UK GAAP but adopt IFRS financial statements.
  • Accounting for Acquisitions of Subsidiaries and Associates as per IFRS 3
  • Accounting for Borrowing Costs for international organisations as per IAS 23
  • Accounting for IAS 18 Revenue- Bundle of Sales and Service for Manufacturors and Dealerships
  • Accounting for Construction Revenue and Costs as per IAS 11

Fees are at varying hourly rates from £30 ph up to £200 ph for the above levels of service, depending on the level of skill and specialism required. We also offer an agreed day rate based on your needs.

If you need to know more about how this can work for you, please email Ricardo at: